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Causes of Affecting the Operation Efficiency of Shutter Door Machine

Why choose shutter door machine

The use of the shutter door machine can greatly improve work efficiency. A good working environment has a greatly positive impact on the work efficiency of the cold bending equipment, so that choosing a good work place is very important. When choosing the environment, firstly, we must consider the matter of safety, including the safety of the staff, and the safety of the machine. Secondly, the cold bending equipment can only work normally in a dry environment. In addition, the shutter door machine will give out a lot of noise, so the working space must be large. Meanwhile the equipment can also have a good heat dissipation performance, which will be more convenient for operators to handle. Only in a good working environment can we create good products.

Maintenance of the shutter door machine

Regular maintenance of the rolling door machine will promote its work efficiency. Therefore, how to maintain the equipment reasonably?

1. Make sure the cold bending machine is clean every time, and use anti-rust grease for the parts without paint.

2. Add lubricating oil at a fixed time and in fixed quantity strictly in accordance with the requirements of the lubrication chart. The lubricating oil should also be kept clean and free of precipitation, so as not to affect the cleanliness of the cold roll forming machines.

3. As far as possible let professionals operate the equipment. Non-professionals must be careful in operation. It is best for non-professionals not to operate the machine.

4. When the machine stops running, the machine tool must be checked to see if lubrication is needed.

Good working environment and reasonable maintenance of shutter door machine can improve its work efficiency greatly, so it can produce more high-quality products.

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